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Look out for our hedgehogs

At this time of year hedgehogs are very vulnerable to the cold especially if their weight is below 650g Worm infestation can cause weight loss and will need expert care

For more than thirty years Barbara Roberts has been running the Withington Hedgehog Hospital and has helped to care for thousands of hedgehogs getting them healthy and fit enough to return to the wild, and is on hand should you find a hedgehog who needs helping. You can call Barbara who will be able to give you advice and if need be take care of it
Barbara’s telephone numbers are 0161 445 5917/07871 605334.

At this time of year hedgehogs could well be hibernating in mounds of leaves and garden debris, if you are intending to burn garden refuse always make sure there are no hedgehogs in it first

The Boothstown Bugle wishes to thank Aled Owen, and Barbara Roberts for their help in preparing this report

HEDGEHOG HELPLINE 0161 445 5917/07871 605334

The Bugle on line is back

The on line Boothstown bugle is now back after being offline since Christmas owing to illness. The facebook Boothstown Bugle page has continued to bring you news throughout  and we welcome readers back to the on line Bugle and we are looking forward from hearing your views, comments, and news. Our first story is taken from today’s Bugle on facebook

Mike Hack‎Boothstown Bugle

Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Club begin their on track cycle speedway activities at Gin Pit this coming Sunday. Pre-season training sessions commence, with the juniors starting at 1 pm, followed by the 1st team squad at 2 pm. The sessions will run every Sunday up to the start of the league competitions on 26th March.

The club's weekly Tuesday sessions start on 7th February and run through until late October. Junior session starts at 5.30 pm, with an Intermediate session at 6.30 pm, followed by 1st team squad training at 7 pm.

For further details, visit the club's website at

Try out Speedway at Gin Pit Village

Boothstown UFO

Fred Walton Boothstown Bugle

Has Boothstown had ex terrestrial visitors?

Friday February 3rd. 2017

Shortly after 8:00 am this morning an unidentified flying object was spotted hovering above Standfield Centre in Boothstown.

The object described by one witness as being like a giant fluorescent light just seemed to appear out of nowhere one onlooker said it didn’t come from any where it just appeared out of nowhere.

The craft was described as a long tube with no windows silver in colour and shining very brightly.

After a few moments it disappeared as suddenly as it came, it did not head off in any direction it simply wasn’t there any more.

Theories have been put forward that it could have been a weather balloon but this does not explain how it could have just appeared a balloon would have been seen to arrive from one direction. This is believed to be the first sighting of any UFO over Boothstown. If you have any suggestions for this phenomena contact The Bugle.

Mosley Common in Bloom Coming Events

Race night Friday 24th February 7:00 pm Lindale Hall Details  

Litter pick Saturday 4th. March meet 10:00 am outside St. Johns School Details